Are the Cleveland Browns Contenders?

As badly as I want to acknowledge my beloved Cleveland Browns as contenders for the Superbowl, I can’t bring myself to do it. I am just too jaded and my emotions won’t be able to handle being wrong if the other shoe drops…

The video above will explain how I became a Browns fan and how unfortunately, I haven’t been exposed to anything positive enough to buy in at that level. The absolute highs for me as a Browns fan so far have been the 2007 10-6 season that didn’t even result in a playoff appearance, and a 5 game winning streak to end a season that probably shouldn’t have resulted in another year for then head coach Eric Mangini, but it did of course.

Browns fans my age that are in Cleveland would probably be able to do it, but I can’t. I need to see two things happen before I can go there…

1.  The Browns need to make it through this off-season without any major set backs off the field. No traffic stops, arrests, charges, or even shady Instagram videos. Every single year there is something…

2.  The Browns need to go out and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the field. That’s it…

Those two things happening will be enough but until then, for the sake of my own emotional state, the best I can do is call them the AFC North Favourites (on paper).

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