Nathan Peterman got his shot but did it come to soon?

The news that Buffalo Bills Fans have been waiting for finally arrived moments before Monday Night Football game, when it was announced that Nathan Peterman was released by the Buffalo Bills. Now He is about to become the punch line of many jokes, Facebook Posts, and Tweets by not only Buffalo Bills fan, but all NFL Fans. The focus of of this blog is about Nathan Peterman, the person, the player, and whether or not he is fully responsible for the past 2 years of his football career. Let’s take a look.

Nathan is a kid that that played his High School football for Bartram Trail in St. Johns, Florida. In his senior year he passed for 2392 yards and 36 touchdowns. He was rated as a 4-star recruit and committed to the University of Tennessee.

At Tennessee he redshirted his first year and then his recruiting coach Derek Dooley was fired. In his second year, he was a backup to Justin Worley and made his first career start due to injury against #19 Ranked Florida, where he was injured in the game and was replaced after going 4 of 11 for only 5 yards and 2 interceptions.

In 2015, he transferred to the University of Pittsburgh under new head coach Pat Narduzzi, and entered the season as a backup behind Chad Voytik. That only lasted a couple games though, before Nathan was announced the starter. In his first start, he played against Iowa and went 20-29 passing for 219 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in a game they lost 27-24.

Peterman returned as a starter in his senior year and had an amazing game knocking off the eventual National Champion Clemson Tigers, when he threw for 308 yards and 5 TD’s in a 43-42 win. This ended up being the Tigers’ only loss that season. The Panthers went 8-5 in 2016 and Peterman threw for 2855 yards with 27 TD’s and 7 Interceptions.

The Buffalo Bills selected Peterman in the fifth round, 171st overall in 2017, and during his time in Buffalo he has dealt with a New Head Coach in Sean McDermott, and 2 Offensive Coordinators. In 2017, he backed up Tyrod Taylor until Week 11 when McDermott made the decision to bench Taylor in favour of Peterman against the LA Charges on the road. Peterman threw 5 first half interceptions and was eventually replaced by Taylor. In hindsight, this Kid should never have been put in this position and although the Head Coach never admitted this fact, this was more on McDermott than it was on Peterman. He should never have come in to start this game mid season in a playoff run.

In 2018, Taylor was traded to Cleveland and the Bills traded up to the 7th pick in the draft to take Rookie QB Josh Allen. The Bills had also signed AJ McCarron as a veteran leader to help support the 2 young QB’s, but there was no mystery that the Bills would eventually be handed over to the Rookie. Peterman was merely hoping to hold on to the Back Up position. Then just before the beginning of the season, th Bills traded McCarron to the Oakland Raiders and decided to enter the season with Peterman and Allen as the only QB’s on this roster, with Peterman eventually being named the Starter.

After starting the Bills opener with only 24 yards passing and 2 interceptions, the Bills quickly turned to Josh Allen. But after Allen was hurt in the Texans game, Peterman got another shot to play and this time he dialed up a TD pass to Zay Jones. Suddenly, things were looking up! Until late in the 4th quarter that is. Peterman had an opportunity to drive the field for a win but instead, threw a pick 6 interception to Johnathan Joseph that ended up being the winning score of the game. Peterman started one more game against the Chicago Bears in which he threw another 4 interceptions and ironically enough, his last game in the NFL ended up being against a team that was named similar to his High School, the Bartram Bears.

Peterman is a Son, a Brother, and a Husband and I really feel for this kid, he took a shot as a HS Athlete, made it as a starter in University, found himself on a NFL roster, and for the next 15 plus years will be the brunt of jokes when many experts told you when he was drafted that he would need a lot of development. Yet somehow, his Head Coach made the decision to put him into that Week 11 game, and then to be the starter for the 2018 season. This kid simply was not ready, or perhaps never was going to be ready for these assignments.

So now that Peterman has been released by the Buffalo Bills, I would like to propose this question who is more at fault for Peterman’s lack of success? Nathan Peterman, a kid from Florida chasing the dream to be a NFL Quarterback. Or HC Sean McDermott? For putting Peterman in a position that 31 other coaches in the NFL would not have?

I wish Peterman much success in what ever he does next and I am sure this kid will be successful because if he has proven anything, it’s that he can get back up and take another shot.

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