FDS Local: NB High School Football Power Rankings – Final edition

HS power ranks week Final
The NB high school football season has officially reached its end and this regular season was a fun one. The final week of football saw some more surprises but the one thing that really sticks out was the Fredericton High school Black Kats’ rally to seal them a playoff spot in the final weeks of the season. They started the season at 0-3 and many people counted them out. They managed to pull out 3 very impressive wins to finish the season. This week the Black Kats have the most difficult task possible as they need to travel to Sackville and face the undefeated Tantramar Titans. The Titans have been perfect this season and are showing no signs of slowing down at all. Here are the Final power rankings of the 2018 season. I hope you have enjoyed these, it has been my pleasure!

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