CFL Power Rankings – After Week 18


Andy’s Quick Take

Wow what a wild weekend in the CFL. the Western division is complete chaos. All season, week to week, I have been harping on the podcast about the fact that in the long CFL season you don’t need to be at your best every week, you just need to be at your best when it matters. This statement is just as much my explanation for Calgary staying at the top, as it is for Winnipeg jumping to 2. Positions 3 through 6 are as clear as mud… I think Hamilton is the best team in East and my rankings reflect that. This Friday’s showdown with the RedBlacks couldn’t be be bigger. BC deserved an even bigger jump than I gave them, but i couldn’t find a spot without overreacting to a bad game from the Riders.

Wray’s Quick Take

What a week! Calgary has finally lost to BC of all teams, so BC will get a BIG jump in my rankings this week. Winnipeg is taking my #1 spot because they are the hottest team in the CFL right now and after laying a 31-0 beating to the previously #2 ranked Roughrighders, I had no choice. Now just so you don’t think I am a complete homer, I have dropped Ottawa to 7th which I think is a little harsh!!

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