FDS Local: NB High School Football – Week 5 predictions


It’s already week 5 in the New Brunswick high school football season and this one is going to be an exciting one to say the least. This is NB’s version of rivalry week and we hope to see some very exciting contests. Thursday night kicks things off as the undefeated Tantramar Titans travel to Moncton to take on les Olympiens de L’Odyssee in their first rematch since the game that was ended at halftime due to head injuries. There are many opinions around the league about how this game will be played and what the final score will be, but I think we see a good clean football game that will create some positive memories.

There are some other interesting battles in the league as both the North-South Bowl and Acadie Bowl will be played in Fredericton. The River Bowl will be played in Miramichi between cross river rivals Miramichi valley and James M. Hill. The Nick Desilets memorial homecoming game takes place as Harbour View travels to St. Stephen and finally the Arthur Miller Bowl takes place in Saint John.

Bowl games are very special to players and everyone around them and these should be great ones. Lets see what our analysts think will happen!

Analysts’ Current Records

Pistol Pete : 32-7
Mister Freeze : 32-7
Coach Zen : 32-7

We are all tied up after 4 weeks, but this week should cause some separation!

12-Man Division

Tantramar Titans @ Olympiens de L’Odyssee

Pistol Pete : “Titans 63-0”
Mister Freeze : “Titans 42-7”
Coach Zen : “Titans 49-0”

Leo Hayes Lions @ Fredericton high Black Kats (North South Bowl)

Pistol Pete : “28-7 Lions”
Mister Freeze : “35-21 Leo”
Coach Zen : “42-13 Lions”

Riverview Royals @ Saint John Greyhounds

Pistol Pete : “28-7 Royals”
Mister Freeze : “ 35-7 Royals”
Coach Zen : “28-10 Royals”
10-Man Division

The 10-man league games should be just as exciting this week. One game that should be fun to watch is the Acadie Bowl between Sainte-Anne and Mathieu-Martin. The Matadors are coming off a big victory last weekend, so let’s see how they match up against the Surprising #CastorsNation.

St. Malachy’s Memorial Saints @ Oromocto Blues

Pistol Pete : “28-21 Blues”
Mister Freeze : “24-21 Saints”
Coach Zen : “24-10 Saints”

Bernice Macnaughton Highlanders @ Harrison Trimble Trojans

Pistol Pete : “28-14 Little Green wagon”
Mister Freeze : “35-14 Highlanders”
Coach Zen : “35-17 Highlanders”

Sussex Regional Sonics @ Simonds Seabees

Pistol Pete : “35-7 Sonic Boom”
Mister Freeze : “28-14 Sonics”
Coach Zen : “42-6 Sussex”

Matadors de Mathieu-Martin @ Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors (Acadie Bowl)

Pistol Pete : “35-14 Sainte-Anne”
Mister Freeze : “28-7 Castors”
Coach Zen : “38-7 Castors”

Miramichi Valley Pulamoo @ James M. Hill Tommies (River Bowl)

Pistol Pete : “35-7 Tommies”
Mister Freeze : “21-0 Tommies”
Coach Zen : “35-3 Tommies”

Harbour View Vikings @ St. Stephen Spartans (Nick Desilets Homecoming game)

Pistol Pete : “42-0 Spartans”
Mister Freeze : “38-0 Spartans”
Coach Zen : “49-0 Spartans”

Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders @ Rothesay Redhawks (Arthur Miller Bowl)

Pistol Pete : “28-14 KV”
Mister Freeze : “28-7 Crusaders”
Coach Zen : “35-14 Crusaders”

As always, we love to hear your feedback and predictions. Feel free to comment here or on facebook, twitter, or ETC. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy all the games this weekend!

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  1. “We are all tied up after 4 weeks, but this week should cause some separation!”

    **9/10 games are the exact same picks**


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