Andy’s Quick Take

I refuse to move Ottawa all the way up the list for losing to the Riders, just like I refuse to drop Saskatchewan so quickly for the loss.  I will take a lot of sh*t for that I am sure. Ottawa did deserve a bump though which results in the Lions dropping 1 spot despite the fact that they won a game! Why? it’s simple, that team was Montreal!

Wray’s Quick Take

Ottawa wins a huge game in Saskatchewan!!! So no Roughrider fan can give me grief about my power rankings this week! Now Edmonton keeps second spot as they were on a Bye, but they are headed to Ottawa this weekend so I think its safe to say the 2nd spot is up for grabs. Big jump this week is for BC, and I am really liking this team and their defence. keep an eye out for this team should they make the playoffs. Winnipeg… well, Nichols is going to start this week and let’s hope he can turn the ship around!!! Looking forward to next week’s rankings now that Johnny “Football” is back!!!