CFL Power Rankings – After Week 13


Andy’s Quick Take

Ottawa and Winnipeg deserved slides… They deserved them more than Montreal deserved a climb last week (as they were on a bye), but less than BC deserved credit for what they’ve been doing.  That’s all I have to say this week folks. The rest speaks for itself.

Wray’s Quick Take

Alright Edmonton fans… I heard you Loud and Clear. Perhaps I was off my rocker putting Eskimos at 8th last week, but in the end you must thank me because my guess is Mike Reilly saw my rankings and it motivated him to put up great numbers! Great numbers in the possibly most entertaining CFL game of the year!!! Now Roughrider fans, don’t get upset.  You dropped a spot but you are still 3rd with lots of positives going on… Trevor(Harris), my buddy, what’s going on in Ottawa? Nichols… Pal… What’s going on in Winnipeg??? I am too depressed to write anymore until next week… Sorry to BC, Montreal, and Toronto. 

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