CFL Power Rankings – After Week 7

Our epic Week 6 CFL road trip distracted us a bit, and we are a week behind on the Power Rankings trying to catch up. Folks I’m looking at Wray’s list here and even I am asking myself just how much we drank in Ontario…

Anyways, here goes!


Andy’s Quick Reaction

Calgary is a force to be reckoned with right now and once their QB decides to carry the team they will take this up another notch. Mike Reilly is the best QB in the CFL by a margin and the team is starting to remember that. I have to give Winnipeg the spot over Ottawa because I just trust the Bomber offence a smidge more… A smidge! Now the Rider fans are going to kill me for this but I still believe Hamilton is the better team. They just refuse to put even 75% of it together but they will, and like last year, it will lead to wins. Watching Lulay in person on our trip was a joy and this guy is quickly becoming my favourite QB in the CFL, so the Lions get the nod over the bottom three.  Johnny... I’ve been waiting for this,  it’s time. Beating June Jones and the Ti-Cats in his first CFL game would be magical, an adjective often attached to Manziel his whole career.


Wray’s Quick Reaction (Editors Note: I am speechless too… – AJ)

“Football” is about to begin… Johnny Manziel is taking the field this week… I could have easily moved Montreal to above to #5 but I don’t want to have the Gang Green after me!! Calgary is hands down the best team in this league. Edmonton has been a disappointment, and I am waiting for Reilly to live up to his expectations as the best player in the league. Ottawa, well they keep winning close games and Harris and that offence are gaining confidence. Hamilton is proving over and over again Masoli doesn’t know how to win football games… Sure he can put up stats, but you better learn how to actually WIN!!

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