MonctnHey there Moncton,

For Months now I have seen Mayor Dawn Arnold take a beating on Social Media for the lack of parking in downtown Moncton for the opening of our new event center. I have heard numerous arguments and excuses why this center will not work and I have engaged in a number of debates which I have officially declared myself the winner of but now I have some stats for you to push my point even further.

My podcast team of Andy Jardine, Gini Bourque, and myself recently took a trip visiting the cities of Hamilton, Ottawa, and Toronto for 3 CFL games and a Blue Jays game and I have some figures and information on each game for you.

  1. Hamilton Tiger Cats – Tim Horton’s Field – this field is located in a very awkward location in the middle of a neighbourhood with houses on 3 sides of the stadium and some business buildings on the North side. There is no parking at the stadium other than the people that allow people to park on their front yards and even those spots ranged from $25.00 to $10.00 depending on how close you want to get to the stadium. Game – Saskatchewan July 19th – Attendance 23,346


  1. Ottawa RedBlacks – TD Place – Tickets state there is NO parking at the stadium and the only way to get in and out of the stadium on game day is by Bus, Taxi, UBer, Etc. Game – BC Lions July 20th – Attendance 21,319


  1. Toronto Argos – BMO Field – There is parking available at the stadium although the team recommends that fans travel by public transportation when coming to games including Toronto FC games. For those that want to park in the limited space available can expect to pay approx. $30.00 per game. Game – Winnipeg July 20th – Attendance 10,844

On July 21st also attended a Toronto Blue Jays game which had a large attendance and also lack of parking but no sense in comparing these numbers as this is Major League Baseball.

My point with all these figures is two of these cities have little to no parking and still pack their stadiums, while the biggest city with plenty of parking can barely bring enough people to sustain their team. Parking is not the issue and solving it will not support a local team. Moncton is no longer a town, we need to be looking at how larger cities are handling Transportation/Parking, I think comparing Moncton to Hamilton and Ottawa is a fair comparison and even for the Argos game, I think my example works.

I have heard numerous people say it will not work in Moncton….. I want you to know if you have thought or said this statement you are WRONG!!! The citizens of Greater Moncton is often what holds this City back from the growth opportunity that it is facing and like other similar cities, we need facilities like the one that our Mayor and City Council are trying to accomplish. I personally am tired of hearing the negative comments and feedback from people that know nothing about running a city little lone what is actually happening outside of our city borders.

So in the end, I am not saying parking is not a problem, it’s the willingness to support and get emotionally invested in a team as any city that values parking more than anything else, simply does not deserve a sports team because they do not love the team enough to support them.

Hence Toronto with the Toronto Argos!

This is all my opinion of course but I would like to give Mayor Arnold and her a team a HUGE shout of confidence from what I have seen taking place in other cities.

Keep Moncton Moving Forward!!

Wray Dunn
Host – First Down Sports Podcast