CFL Power Rankings – After Week 4

week5 power ranks

Andy’s Quick Reaction

Things are so crazy thus far in the CFL season that I decided the theme for this week will be not overreacting. Calgary stays at the top spot since they had no opportunity to ruin that. Hamilton still being at number 2 is probably a surprise but they had the time of possession and numbers to easily handle the Roughriders;I will chalk it up to just one of those games… Ottawa climbs to 3 after a great performance against a terrible team, and the Bombers overtake the Eskimos after very contrasting weeks. Everything after that is a muddy mess that I tried not overreacting to, hence a max of 2 spots gained or lost within the Foursome of Fail. Yeah, I just made that up…

Wray’s Quick Reaction:

Calgary had a bye week and they should be lucky with this bizarre week 4. Ottawa bounces back with a big win, showing off their offensive talent. Winnipeg sneaks up to 3 with a 2-2 record after embarrassing losses by Hamilton and Edmonton… Both these teams deserve to be in the basement this week but I am trying to be objective. Hamilton I have one word for you… Manziel. The only thing uglier than the Roughrider win is the women at Gabbo’s Night Club in Regina. That was the craziest duel QB game plan that I have ever seen. Toronto surprises every CFL fan with win over Edmonton. Maybe they can break a new attendance record of 5000 next game! Montreal and BC flip a coin for last spot… BC you were heads and lost so enjoy the basement!

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