Mock Draft 2.0


In 2017, we had our first Mock Draft 1.0 competition between Andy, Chris, and I; We each selected which order each team would pick and the player they would select and I don’t remember it being so stressful. In 2018, we are expanding our competition to the top 15 picks and this year there is a something at stake….. The loser has to eat something that not even Dunn Right Sauce can fix, so now the pressure is really on right??? Food challenges has always been my biggest fear and yet for some reason that is not even where the stress starts for me this year, there are 5 top QB prospects and handful of other top prospects that have me struggling on where to start. Let me break down a couple:

Sam Darnold

Key positives outstanding poise, feels pressure, keeps his eyes down field, raw arm strength, accuracy, and can make plays outside the pocket, biggest knock he is unpolished. I don’t care what any analyst says at this point this kid has the goods to become a star in the NFL and I see no reason why the Browns don’t take him 1st overall.

Josh Allen

Key positives size, monster arm, limber and flexible for a kid 6’5” 230 lbs, can throw it deep from the pocket and on the run, plus he is mobile, biggest knock on this kid is accuracy. This kid has the ability to put up some big numbers in the NFL or he could be a first round bust, now I don’t simply see it being those two choices alone by many analysts do, and this Quarterback is the one guy that could lead my brother Chris and I into our biggest arguments, Chris is all over the Bust category and I look at this kid’s intangibles and love what I see and think he has a ton of upside heading into the pros. Also, I see no reason why the Browns don’t take him 1st overall with Tyrod in front of him you can develop this prospect.

Baker Mayfield

Key positives Heisman winner, smart, can make all the throws, accuracy, leader, knows how to win, can extend plays, attitude, brash, big character, biggest knock size, attitude, maturity level. This kid is my kind of player, I have no problem which the stuff he pulled on the sidelines and on the field while playing college. I think this kid can lead a team like the Browns, Bills, and Jets into the playoffs simple because he will believe from day one that he can do so. How can the Brown’s not take this kid’s leadership abilities with the 1st pick overall??

It’s these 3 players that are keeping me awake these days, not my career or anything else in life, it’s who is going first and where are these guys going to fall. Who knows what I am going to have to eat, if I don’t get this right!!! I have spoke to many football fans in the last couple weeks trying to get as many insights as I can as to how this draft is going to go. I can’t remember a draft that has been so intriguing in some time and I think the NFL is going to draw its biggest TV ratings since putting the draft in a prime time slot.  I am even hosting a Draft Party on the night of the Draft to take it to another level so if your interested in attending there will definitely be Moosehead on Ice #SkerryGood.  Listen nobody but these teams GM’s really know what is going to happen and I can imagine they are feeling stress over this draft as well but at the end of the night they will get to eat a good meal!! The biggest problem is there is 3 of them so I can’t even pull out my trusty officiating coin and flip heads or tails. Oh well, 2 more sleepless night as we record on Wednesday when I will start my mock draft with Darnold, no wait Allen, hold on Mayfield!!!

I need a Moose Light!!!

Wray Dunn

Host – First Down Sports Podcast






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