Chris’s Corner

chrismayChris Dunn is a sport enthusiast practically since his birth. He is a long time Buffalo Sabre, Bills and Toronto Blue Jays fan mostly due to his love for the “underdog” team. Though he’s an avid Buffalo fan he believes his expectations are grounded unlike his brothers but shares in their never ending optimism.  He has either tried or played practically every sport (some better than others) and currently is involved in Ice Hockey, Ball Hockey, Flag Football, Squash and Golf.

Chris has many years of competing and beating (badly) his brothers at various sports and activities and now welcomes this new challenge of working with his brothers as a team! Chris’s brothers and his cousin Tom Barber have debated for many years who was the better ice hockey player and Sabre fan however during a charity event (Legends of Hockey) Brad May finally put this to rest. May Day confirmed Chris is in fact a better ice hockey player and Sabre fan (see note in picture). May having over 2200 penalty minutes in the NHL it’s hard to disagree with him!

Joking aside (and he likes to do a lot of it) he passionate about family, friends, assisting people, sports and now working on this new venture with his brothers.

Aside from this podcast Chris can be contacted to review mortgage options via email: or by phone: (506) 227-8645.