Former Bruin Continues to Inspire

Normand Léveillé’s hockey career tragically ended on a October night in 1982 during the 1st intermission of a game vs the Vancouver Canucks.

The young star winger collapsed in the dressing room suffering a brain aneurysm.

Léveillé was rushed to hospital where he endured seven hours of surgery.

The highly touted Bruins winger was in a coma for three weeks before pulling through.

Léveillé’s subsequent paralysis at the tender age of 19 to this day is incomprehensible.

His inspirational journey to recovery is truly incredible.

Normand Léveillé gives new meaning to the phrase “living your best life.”

Léveillé and his foundation broke ground earlier this week on a new project aimed at helping his community and province.

Photo Credit Denis Grenier

Normand Léveillé continues to inspire us all.

“The Normand Léveillé Centre is a Holiday Centre for people with disabilities,” explained Léveillé’s wife Denise.

“‘The Normand Léveillé House’ is being built on the Centre’s grounds. There were parents of children with disabilities who were worried about where their children would go after they pass away,” Blanchette Léveillé added.

“Normand had the idea of building this house with twelve apartments with three rooms for them,” said Blanchette Léveillé proudly.

“We hope that construction will be completed by May 2021,” she added.

Normand Léveillé is beacon of inspiration. His tireless work to help better the lives of those with disabilities is truly the stuff of legend.

Photo Credit Denis Grenier

For more information on the Normand Léveillé House see the link the below.

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  1. Of all the greats from the Bruins organization that have met strife, ordeals and tumult, Normand remains the most impressive as he reminds us what is truly important – and what true heroism is.
    It is definitely *off* the ice.
    Bravo Normand.


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