CFL Power Rankings – After Week 11


Andy’s Quick Take

There was surprisingly very little movement in my rankings this week. Calgary got right back on track with a dominant victory over the Bombers. A loss to Ti-Cats in Hamilton is not the worst thing in the world, as I happen to think the Tiger Cats are way better than their record shows. For that reason, Edmonton drops only 1 spot below Ottawa who didn’t have a chance to change my mind one way or another. From there, the rest of my list remains exactly the same as last week. The Riders won again so I didn’t feel like Hamilton deserved to jump them, and nothing that happened to the Lions, Argos, or Alouettes was significant enough to shuffle the deck. Montreal is going to need a more significant win than the Argos at home to exit the basement.

Wray’s Quick Take

These power rankings are getting more difficult outside of Calgary and Ottawa at 1 and 2 each week… Ottawa had a bye week, but after the performances of Winnipeg and Edmonton they have no reason not to be in #2. Winnipeg, now they lost to Calgary at home, but were they expected to win this game? No! especially after Calgary lost the week before, so they get a pass and move ahead of Edmonton. The Roughriders move up in my rankings with the win over BC. The biggest jump of the week is Hamilton,as Masoli finally closed out a game for a Win… I have been tough on him and if he continues this trend watch Hamilton climb quickly! Edmonton Fans… Reilly just keeps losing games he should be winning, that’s why they have slipped from 3rd to 6th.

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